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Email Security PDF Print E-mail

Email threats are becoming more aggressive and dangerous every day. Basic spam filtering is
no longer enough to protect businesses from the today's email threats. DigitalVault offers a
cost effective, complete solution that cleans up your email before it ever hits your in house
mail server.  Minimize time your staff spends every day sorting through unwanted junk mail.

Hybrid Backup Device PDF Print E-mail

Compared to traditional backup solutions that only backup your files and folders, DigitalVault Hybrid Backup devices backup your entire server including all installed programs, data, files, folders and complete server configuration. This dramatically cuts down on recovery time and as a result, minimizes costs to your business in the event of a catastrophic server failure.

Hosted Exchange PDF Print E-mail

What is Microsoft Exchange?
Microsoft Exchange is a server that centrally stores a company's email, calendar, task and contact information.  Using the power of managed Exchange accounts for yourself, or your organization you will be able to access your critical Outlook business data from your desktop or laptop using Outlook, from any computer on the Internet via Outlook Web Access, and from your iPhone, iPad or BlackBerry.



Bring your business to the cloud and start working from anywhere using virtually any device.

Centrally access and share Outlook calendars, contacts, tasks, email and more using the power of Exchange.

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